Associação Brasileira dos Produtores de Mogno Africano



The Brazilian Association of African Mahogany Producers (ABPMA) was born in 2011, from the union of foresters of the genus Khaya on Brazilian soil. At that time, we were half a dozen producers who already dreamed of making African mahogany become the largest species of trees planted in Brazil and in the world. Moving towards this goal, we have grown slowly in the number of members, but in a positive way and with firm steps. As a result, we added people who shared the same ideas. Today we are an expressive number of planters that hold at least a quarter of the total amount of mahogany planted in Brazil. There were many actions to publicize the beauty of the wood, academic studies, and the promotion of meetings that aggregated not only the members, but the entire African mahogany planting community. We have not yet finished the first cycles, but we have learned a lot! We hope with all the work that has been done, to leave a legacy for the history of African mahogany in Brazil.

“ABPMA goes to great lengths to always be at the side of its associates. We are very proud of our African Mahogany producers. Pathfinders, passionate about nature, courageous investors, created ABPMA to democratically support all producers, from small to large, at all stages of their plantations. ”

Who we are

Dreamers, investors, pioneers, felt the need to unite and organize themselves in an association that would meet their needs to share the little knowledge we have of the species on Brazilian soil. This union has brought us here. There are many years of sharing, friendship and generosity in sharing the information generated in studies and the experimental practice of each one. The success of this type of behavior has generated an extremely united group, engaged in its objectives and very proactive: it has become a reference in the cultivation of this species in Brazil. With the support of the ABPMA Board of Directors, these associates have been standing out in the cultivation of Mahogany in the national and international scene. The Association is formed by an Executive Board and several groups created to develop and resolve matters of interest. Taking advantage of the professional skills of members, the Board organizes and invites members to be an active part of these groups.  

  Members of the current Executive Board: 
President: Ricardo Ribeiro Tavares 
Executive Director: Patricia Alves Fonseca 
Directors: André Baduy, Flavius ​​Rubira, 
Luciana Maluf, Paulo Sabonge, Paulo Cardoso, Raphael Cruz, Ricardo Mezonato.


ABPMA came to unite the producers in a group of members and technical staff that join forces together to add quality and confidence in the production stages to the commercialization of the species. We are the home and family of the mahogany for the Brazilian producer. 
Our goals: 
- Encourage and disseminate techniques and research to members. 
- Encourage good practices and sustainability in the field. 
- Create and maintain the mindset exchange of experiences between producers, reinforcing the associative spirit. 
- Be a source of true and suitable information. 
- Promote seminars and meetings between associates and guests from the entire forestry sector. 
- Be a liaison between universities, researchers and the producers. 
- Have presence in events, fairs and missions, national and international, in the area. 
- Assist the associate with planning for individual and joint commercialization.
- Promote the African Mahogany to be recognized and well priced in the national market. - Make Brazil the largest producer of African Mahogany in the world.  
-Indications of reliable professionals for the needs of the producer. 
- Disclosure of the Association and the species in various communication vehicles. 

The producers' success is the main objective of ABPMA. To achieve this goal, we will make this Association your home, the home of producers. 


One  of our goals is to create bonds between planters, as we believe that a successful future will depend on the sum of forces: of the work to produce quality wood, of the exchange of information to minimize losses, of the planning for commercialization and profit generation . Among the many benefits of being an Associate, we can mention the groups formed and organized by subjects, where the member has ample and total space to participate and question.

The success of the producers is the main objective of ABPMA. To achieve this goal, we will make this Association your home, the home of producers.